Just finished spending some time looking at photos of Children caught up in today’s wars. Yes, we have a lot of war’s going on, all over the world. Looking at the photos makes me wonder, will it ever stop.

Going on Google and searching images of Children of War, oh my what a collection. Pick a year or a country, go back in time, look at today, it does not change. We humans on this planet are still killing each others children, STILL …..

Going back to before photographs, we were doing it. Go as far back as you can in history and we were doing it. I started out looking at the children of today’s wars then I looked at a few other wars of the past.

Maybe we should not be called Human …… IN-HUMANE would be a better name for us.



ANALOGUE 4 ME ...... Time to look around, and see the world.... Take a few notes along the way .... I know I'm Right, so Write...
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